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I am a third-generation construction tradesman. My grandfather was in the plumbing trade, my father the electrical trade, and I followed in his footsteps and went through the five-year apprenticeship program to become a union journeyman electrician. I CHOSE this industry because I love to bring power to an idea, a concept, and watch it come to life. Hands on is how I gained my vast array of experience, as every six months, I was rotated to a different electrical contractor, as part of the trade requirements, to learn the vast array and facets of the electrical industry. It was in the field that my passion for the jobs I was on expanded my knowledge and grew my confidence. It came naturally to me to understand the complexity and even dangers in our work, and curiosity overtook any fear one would have in dealing with hot work. In 1993, I graduated the five-year apprenticeship program, which included working 40 hours a week and going to school two nights a week. I say that because I was hungry to learn. Once I was ‘turned out’ as they call it, I was immediately moved to foreman. From there, general foreman, where running large projects and a multitude of crew came naturally to me. After twenty years in the trade, I decided to take the step of getting my contractor’s license. From there, the idea of Lunger Electric began to come to fruition. We started out in 2007, and are still going strong today. My passion for this business comes from my work ethic in the field. They call me the Terminator, and I suppose that is fitting. My company is all about hard work, integrity, and being fair and ethical in our pricing. My biggest accomplishment is seeing my customers happy! It really brings me great joy to be in this trade, and doing what I love is part of our continued success.