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Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I would be a business owner someday… While in college at San Jose State, I chose a degree that would be universal enough to help me achieve this dream. My degree was in Advertising and Marketing, as I loved knowing what made people buy or choose certain products or companies. I worked in corporate America for over 10 years, and learned from amazing mentors about customer service, listening, follow up, how to sell, how to communicate, solution management (because every problem has a solution) and how to go above and beyond my competition. It was not work to me, as I treated my clientele like they were friends and family. My most insightful moment was when I learned that my customers were not really buying my products or services… they were buying the trust and relationship they had with me. When Mike decided to take the jump, and open the doors of our company, I was all in and could not wait to help him with this courageous adventure. We were the perfect match, as he had all the field experience of working with crews and customers on a huge array of complex jobs. I had the marketing and business knowledge, so together, we jumped! Ten years later, we have learned a lot about what it takes to be a business owner that is still in business after a decade. We continue to implement our philosophy of ‘exceeding expectations every time’, and are learning better ways to make that happen. It is our goal to make every customer a ‘repeat’ customer, so whenever they have an electrical need, they know who will get it done the right way and on time, but also who VALUE the relationships we have with them. I believe that honesty, communication, and hard work are what defines our company. I never thought I would be excited about THHN stranded copper wire, or switch gear, but I can talk shop all day long, as I LOVE what we do and feel blessed to be one of the owners of Lunger Electric, Inc.