We possess the knowledge and experience necessary to manage and produce the highest quality commercial electrical projects. Our experience and skills encompass a wide variety of projects, including but not limited to:

Retail – Proper electricity is imperative for retail businesses to make sales. From lighting design to energy management systems, Lunger Electric can help boost sales and productivity.

Data Centers – There are many electrical requirements for data centers, including but not limited to lighting, UPS systems, generators, cooling/heating, ventilation, alarm systems, and more.

Cleanrooms – Cleanrooms and critical environments need top notch electrical accuracy. Lunger Electric can help ensure that your cleanrooms have the most updated electrical framework.

Laboratories – Like with cleanrooms, we can provide you with the electrical upgrades you need to maintain a healthy electrical environment so you can focus on your laboratory.

Elder Care/Healthcare – We understand that properly built and maintained electricity platforms in healthcare facilities are extremely important. A few seconds without them could prove fatal.

Residential Service Projects – All homeowners know the importance of top-notch electrical services in the home. Properly maintained electricity saves money, energy and prevents fires.

Office Buildings – We help building managers save energy costs through our electric services. We will look at everything from power systems to electrical usages to provide you with a great plan.

Tenant Improvements – It’s important for landlords to look at updating their homes’ electrical frameworks to not only improve the experience for tenants, but to save money themselves.

Churches – Properly maintained electricity helps lower electricity bills, and keeps parishioners happy. Many older places of worship have severely outdated electrical framework.

Wineries – Many of our clients rely on Lunger Electric to ensure their wineries’ electricity runs smoothly (like a fine wine). Without our services, the processing wine would sour.